About the Bungu Project

Spread along steep slopes and winding basins high in the Usambara Mountains, the Bungu ward is favored by a temperate climate, reliable transportation connections, and the foundations of high-yield agriculture. But for many members of the Bungu community, incomes remain unstable and livelihoods exposed to risk. Favorable growing conditions encourage everyone to farm, but with only a single small market nearby, supplies are high and demand is low.

The Bungu Project is focused on creative solutions to facilitate market connections, build analytical skills for planning and evaluation, and effectively utilize the area’s natural resources for a strong, growing group of committed partners.

To follow the progress in Bungu:

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please donate. For more information about how your investment will be used, don’t hesitate to contact us at bungu.project@2Seeds.org.


Whitney & Grace


1 Comment

  1. I wouldlike to see this project is endless. Bungu is my homeland, and I feel happy to see this photos, although I want to make corrections in some of villages titles. For Example, Kwemshai not “Kwenshai”, Bungu Msiga not “Bungu Msita”, Mheza not “Nheza”. Otherwise this projects is good and, I hope the day will come, we shall meet for more discussions. Thanks, and Welcome again Bungu!!

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